How it works
  1. You will download a PDF file onto your desktop. Never pay for changes to your price book!

  2. Your purchase includes a GUIDE with suggested retail cost for parts and the amount of time necessary to complete each service.

  3. Also included is a customized BID WORKSHEET calculates pricing for services not included in your price book.

  4. We will provide full printing instructions with pre-negotiated terms for discounted pricing on printing services.

Mr. Price Book is a uniquely designed guide to provide pricing structure, scheduling estimates and general “part” information pertaining to specific tasks performed by companies providing plumbing services to both residential and commercial clients.


Using your customized Mr. Price Book to accurately estimate each service call, you ensure that your client receives the proper service(s) to fit their needs, increasing revenue retention while not necessarily increasing retail price.

Order now, and your fully customized Mr. Price Book will be available for download in PDF format. Save your work and your Mr. Price Book is ready to go for your favorite printer!

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Platinum Plumbing...

Would like to take a minute to say that the service book has turned my service business around.  Would like to personally thank Mark for all his help. If there is ever an investment as a Plumbing contractor you are looking to make, you will not be disappointed with this one. Thanks again. 


Platinum Plumbing

Leak Dr. Plumbing Phoenix, AZ...

I want to thank Mr. Price Book for showing me how my low price guarantee was causing me to work for free. I was not sure I could charge more for my service in one of the worst economic markets and stay in business, WOW was I wrong. I now close 82% of my service calls up from 65%.

Our average dollar amount per invoice is up $118.00 and weekly revenue is up $1,430.00 per week for one service truck. The best thing for us has been the ability to build value without any effort, I would personally recommend this price structure over anything else on the market without question.
Thanks for all of your help,

Josh V.
Leak Dr. Plumbing LLC.